Adaptations covid-19

We follow the guidelines of the Government and the Public Health Agency and  we ask you to still keep your distance and avoid crowding when you visit us.

What we have done to make your visit safe:

• Limited number of visitors to a maximum of 20 people (10 people / floor)

• Signs urging to keep your distance

• Hand alcohol is placed in several places

• We provide face masks for staff and visitors when needed

• The cash register is equipped with plexiglass

• We do not accept cash

• The number of participants on the open tours in Swedish on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays is limited to a maximum of 8 people

What can you as a visitor do?

• Stay home if you are ill or have the slightest symptoms

• Keep a distance and show consideration for each other and the staff

• Wash your hands often and use hand alcohol.

Plan your visit

• If you are 4 people or more, please pre-register to or call 08-642 56 16 (12-16)