K.A. Almgren silk factory &  museum

Welcome to the silk factory !

The only still active silk factory that remains in the Nordic countries. Here, silk fabrics and ribbons are woven on original machines in their original factory environment from the 1860s. It is also a place for exhibitions and programs where textiles run like a common thread. Here is where present and history meet.

The silk factory started already in 1833, before the breakthrough of industrialism in Sweden, and its history shows the various phases and challenges of the Swedish textile industry right into our own time. It has always been a women's workplace. Today, almost no textiles are manufactured in Sweden. It is instead a source of income for women on the other side of the globe. The silk factory provides knowledge about the role of the textile and clothing industry in both Stockholm's history and in the emergence of modern society and shows women's participation in this development. To promote a more sustainable textile and clothing industry globally is a natural part of the silk factory's mission.

The Factory 

Our exhibition on the top floor

The Factory -  about silk shawls, jacquard looms and female workers in the textile and clothing industry from the beginning of the 19th century to today.

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Almgren's washing soap

Our popular washing soap is our own product, specially developed for efficient and gentle washing of silk. 

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At the Silk Factory in 1943

Film in Swedish about Almgren's silk factory produced by the Swedish Film Industry.

The film is recorded in the silk factory and shows the production of silk fabrics and ribbons from threads to finished fabric. You will meet some of the women who worked at the factory and Holmberg who was a foreman until 1948. Photografer: Albert Rudling.