The factory building

The factory building on Repslagargatan 15A was built as a silk factory in 1862. The model was taken from French silk factory. 

The building is narrow so that daylight can enter the work rooms through the many tall windows. The heating took initially place with wood-burning stoves and the traces of these still remain in the preserved paving stones. 

In the 1880s, gas pipelines were installed and the gas tanks were placed in the basement of the house.

An authentic environment 

On the 1st floor, the factory environment is preserved with the large weaving room with windows facing the courtyard. In adjacent rooms there is equipment and machines for preparatory work such as warping and finishing of the textiles. The foreman's office is located next to the silk factory's entrance and shop. 

In the attic is the silk factory's exhibition hall, auditorium and office. Today, other floors house architect's offices and in the basement, there is a restaurant.

Building monument 

In the spring of 2020, Almgren's silk factory was declared a building monument by the County Administrative Board in Stockholm.