About Almgren's washing soap

Almgren's washing soap is the silk factory's own product, specially developed for efficient and gentle washing of silk. It is also good for washing other natural materials such as wool, linen and cotton as well as leather and suede. The natural materials retain their softness and luster thanks to the soap's cleansing and re-greasing. Almgren's washing soap is also very good for sensitive skin.

The soap is made in Sweden and no preservatives or perfumes are added. The palm oil is from Colombia, organic and RSPO-certified.
Weight: 100 grams

Advice and tips

Our leaflet with tips and advice on how to use Almgren's washing soap

Washing instructions for silk

Washing by hand: Add the soap to the water by "soaping" the fabric below the water surface. The water should not be warmer than 40 degrees.

Machine washing: Add the soap by tearing the soap into fine flakes on a grater and put it in the detergent compartment. Take about 1 tablespoon to a full washing machine.

You can also put the soap bar in a small mesh laundry bag which, when the water is rinsed through the detergent compartment, "rubs" off an adequate amount of soap. Choose wool/silk program. Never tumble dry!

With a sponge: When cleaning suede shoes, leather sofas or wool rugs, use a sponge. Soap the sponge and squeeze out a lather with which you process the surface. Wipe off excess foam with a cloth.

Stain removal: Pre-treat the surface by moistening it with water. Then you "massage in" the soap. Finish by rinsing. It is best to wash the entire garment to avoid an edge forming around the stain.

More tips and advice on how to use Almgren's washing soap can be found in our leaflet.

Tips from users

Just have to say how amazing this little soap is. It really works against all stains! Sometimes I test other products first (because I have been to other places or not found the soap) but nothing works and then I take your soap and just like that! Away! Your soap goes by the name "the soap" at home. Everyone knows what you mean. As soon as someone has a stain, you hear (most recently yesterday the 14-year-old daughter) "Where is t h e s o a p ??" I tell all my acquaintances about this necessary soap because it should be part of everyone's home! 
Christina with family

If you need someone who testifies to the excellence of the laundry soap to relieve contact dermatitis, I am happy to do so. As close to a miracle cure as you can get!
I wanted to tell you that with the help of your soap I managed to remove stains from engine oil on a nice cotton cardigan.
This soap solved a lot of problems: it works just as well to wash clothes with as to wash dishes & to wash the body. Does not smell (personally I think that perfumes in nature smell bad and taste even worse), do not dry out the skin, do not taste and happen to have soap residues left, it is not the whole world. Maybe not the best as a shampoo, but it works reasonably. At least until you get to civilization again. Have the soap in a small ziplock bag in the saucepan.
Mountain hiker

To wash a silk tie, a tie stretcher is required. These can be bought at Almgren's and at well stocked menswear stores. Put the tie stretcher in the tie. Shower with water. Rub directly on the tie with the soap. Rinse off very lightly. Hang on the shower curtain rod with the stretcher in. Allow to drip dry. Always test wash the other end first to see if the fabric discolors. On the other hand, if you have already spilled on the tie, it can in any case not be used. 

This soap seems to work on much more than silk. An old lady I know rubs her dry elbows with one short side of the soap and her leather shoes with the other. Another lady washes tangles of yarn with it, and I myself feel that sensitive and dry parts of the skin become soft and fine.

I use the soap to wash leather shoes. I lather up some soap and take a soft nail brush and brush the shoe with. Then I wipe with a damp cloth.

Museum visitors